Cloud Engineer | Technical Strategist

Passionate about creating innovative solutions for emerging technical demands

With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, I am a driven IT professional with expertise in the design, maintenance, and management of various IT infrastructures. Over the years, I have focused on continuously expanding my knowledge and learning new skills to evolve with the needs of the industry.

Recognized for my strategic vision and analytical abilities, I excel at leveraging my skills to identify system deficiencies and devise solutions. My creative mindset allows me to find alternative ways to promptly complete tasks while optimizing processes and boosting efficiency.

Currently, I am working as a Cloud Engineer at Bright Skies – a Rackspace Technology Company with a mission to provide world-class engineering solutions and fanatical experience to customers around the globe. Here, I am tasked with processing incident & service requests for cloud and hybrid infrastructures, collaborating with colleagues on migration and DevOps projects, and integrate as well as monitor user environments in our monitoring environment.

During my career, I have tried to enhance user experiences by providing unmatched customer service. In addition to my professional experience, I hold certifications in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, among others. Now, I am looking forward to connecting with like-minded professionals to learn more about the ever-changing world of technology.