About me

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Currently, I'm working as a Cloud Consultant with a passion for IT that goes back to my childhood when I tinkered with computers and shredded and repaired my father's PC at a young age multiple times. I have a wide-ranging set of skills, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, network technology, On-Premise Infrastructure, and DevOps tooling. I'm a kind of a Swiss army knife of IT and have worked in support, consulting, network operations, systems administration, and now I am engineering solutions in the cloud.

I love learning and constantly seek out new challenges to expand my knowledge. I have an aptitude for combining solutions to create effective IT architectures, which is where I shine. I believe in keeping things simple and finding the most straightforward solutions to complex problems.

Outside of work, I have discovered a new passion for archery. It has become a significant hobby for me, capturing my interest and providing a source of relaxation and focus. Exploring the latest technology and obtaining knowledge also remain a significant part of my free time pursuits and is also an activity that I thoroughly enjoy.

I'm known for my keen perception and ability to see the bigger picture. I take pride in my work and strive to provide the best solutions possible for my clients at Rackspace Technology. I'm always eager to learn more and push the boundaries of what's possible in the cloud.