Fixing 'No Data' Issue in Datadog when monitoring Azure Resources

Fixing 'No Data' Issue in Datadog when monitoring Azure Resources

Recently I set up Datadog and the Integration for Azure via a Service Principle for a Test-Subscription. After creating the needed Monitors, which are also similar to Production, I deactivated the Test-Subscription and integrated the Production Subscription. For this Subscription Datadog “denied” delivering the status of my Azure Resources like API Service, Service Bus,…

As I found out with Datadog Support, the required “Microsoft.ResourceHealth” Provider hasn’t installed my Productive Subscription.

Fixing this behavior is simple, you can activate the required Azure Provider in your Azure Subscription via the Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Azure CLI.

Method 1: Graphical User-Interface (GUI)

Search in your Azure Portal for the corresponding Subscription, on the left Blade navigate to Resource providers -> Search for ‘Microsoft.ResourceHealth’.

The Provider will be registered, this takes a few minutes.

Method 2: Azure CLI (using Azure CLI 2.0)

Log into your Azure Portal and use the built-in Azure Cloud Shell with “Bash” or use your local Azure CLI.

az login
az provider register --namespace 'Microsoft.ResourceHealth' --wait
az provider show --n Microsoft.ResourceHealth

You can use the provider register command without the –wait suffix at the end, but then the command won’t wait until the provider registration is finished. With the provider show command, you can check if the Provider is registered successfully via CLI.

After the registration and about 1o0 minutes of waiting, the Metrics are transmitted correctly.