Microsoft Intune Suite: Simplifying Endpoint Management

Microsoft Intune Suite: Simplifying Endpoint Management

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·Mar 2, 2023·

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Microsoft has launched its Microsoft Intune Suite, which combines advanced endpoint management and security solutions into a single product bundle. The suite is designed to simplify your endpoint management experience, enhance security posture, and keep people at the center with exceptional user experiences. It is deeply integrated with Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365. It will use AI to help IT, and security teams automate their processes, enabling them to proactively address endpoint management and other security challenges.


The Microsoft Intune Suite includes several advanced solutions, such as

Advanced endpoint analytics, that use data-driven insights to help understand, anticipate, and improve the user experience for staff within the organization.

Endpoint Privilege Management will be available for preview in March 2023 and generally available in April 2023. This feature helps manage the security risks caused by overprivileged users by enabling controlled elevation of Windows standard users. It reduces the burden on the helpdesk by allowing greater self-serve for basic scenarios and improves productivity.

Remote Help is a tool that helps IT helpdesk teams troubleshoot a user’s desktop and mobile devices remotely, even when they are not in the office. It is currently available for Windows and will soon be available for Android and Mac users. This tool is especially useful for managing devices used by frontline workers.

Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management (MAM) is a micro-VPN that enables mobile app management by connecting corporate resources from personal iOS and Android devices. This means employees can access company resources, e.g., their personal mobile devices, when necessary.

Management of specialty devices, like VR Headsets and other meeting room devices.

Later advanced app management will also be added, including an enterprise app catalog and controls for easy app discovery, deployment, and automatic updating. Further cloud certificate management will be added later, which issues and manages VPN and Wi-Fi certificates from Intune to devices without an on-premises infrastructure.


Better Security

The Microsoft Intune Suite offers better security by reducing attack vectors. Data science and AI increase automation to help security teams move quickly from reactive to proactive in addressing endpoint management and other security challenges.


Simplifies IT and security operations workflows by consolidating and automating them. Organizations can reduce the number of tools they use to manage into one and protect their digital estate, which means less management overhead and lower licensing costs.


Using the Microsoft Intune Suite reduces management overhead and support costs. Organizations can save money by consolidating their endpoint management and security solutions into a single bundle.


The new Microsoft Intune Suite is a significant shift in endpoint management and security, offering customers better protection, simplification, and savings. Organizations can reduce their management overhead and support costs with the suite’s consolidation and automation of IT and security operations workflows. The suite’s capabilities enable IT and security teams to proactively address endpoint management and other security challenges, ultimately improving their security posture.

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